Love my dog, hate the hair.

Like all of you, I love my dog.  She loves me, my kids, her tennis ball, not listening to me, and most of all she loves to shake off and shed a trash bag full of hair in any given week all over our hardwood floors. When my kids sat on the floor, their clothes were covered.  And forget about the "5 second rule" with's ruined!  I honestly don't have any idea how she's not bald.  I used to constantly vacuum with a traditional vacuum cleaner and grew tired of the constant monotony and time suck.  There had to be a better way. 

I don't know if I was blind to new technology or just assumed they were too expensive, but I finally came across a robot vacuum around Christmas 2012 from Neato.  It was specifically designed for pet hair and I now I don’t remember life without it.  It's part of what keeps our house going now.  I've since upgraded within the Neato family to a Botvac D6 and couldn't be happier.  Every year technology gets smarter and the longer I hold out, the dumber I feel for waiting! 

Not anymore.  Buying this vacuum was and remains one of my best decisions for my home, my kids, and my sanity.  If you want to simplify your life and possibly purchase one of these lifesavers for yourself, here’s our top recommendations for robot vacuums for pet hair :

  1. Neato Botvac D6: We personally chose a Botvac for our home use because of its shape. With its flat front versus round shape, we love that it fits directly into corners where our pet hair tends to collect.  Specifically with the D6:
    1. The D6 claims to have a new core brush that's up to 70% bigger than its round robots competitors and therefore is supposed to picks up way more pet hair than before.
    2. It uses an ultra performance filter to capture allergens and dust too tiny to see.
    3. You can set up virtual no go lines with its “LaserSmart” technology. This means you can tell your vacuum where to go, and more specifically where not to go (like fido’s dog bowl or bed). 
    4. Battery now lasts up 2 hours, which is 33% longer than earlier models, so it’s perfect no matter the size of your home.
  2. iLife A4s: With its powerful powerful suctions, side brushes to clean along edges and corners, the A4 an economical solution to your pet hair problems.
    1. The A4s comes with 2 HEPA filters (one is a spare) to filter out the pet dander and debris).
    2. Intelligent Anti-collision System Sensor to prevent collision with furniture and pet bowls and beds.
    3. 1000Pa Super Suction to absorb dust, debris and hair.
  3. iRobot Roomba 890: The high-quality filter, meanwhile, will help clean up pet dander and control allergies.
    1. The patented AeroForce 3-Stage Cleaning System uses Tangle-free Multi-Surface Brushes and Power-Lifting Suction with to pull in embedded dirt, debris, and pet hair.\
    2. Using full smart sensors, the Roomba robot vacuum adapts to your home and to help thoroughly clean your floors.
    3. Includes Dual Mode Virtual Wall Barriers for more control over where your robot cleans.
  4. Neato Botvac D80: Includes both a spiral blade brush (works on all hard floors) and a combo brush (picks up all types of hair) and is quieter too.
    1. With its unique D-shape design and 50% larger brush than round robots, Botvac D80 cleans within 10 millimeters of the wall. Plus, its low profile allows it to clean under beds and in other hard-to-reach places where dust bunnies and pet hair collect.
    2. Auto-charge & resume lets your robot clean room to room - when it needs more power, it automatically returns to charge, then returns to where it left off & finishes the job. It tackles up to 3000 square feet of floor space per cleaning cycle with ease and automatically recharges.
    3. As Botvac D80 scans the room, it senses objects in its path, like furniture, toys and pet bowls, and carefully navigates around them. Simple drop down, easy-to-use boundary markers keep it away from places you don’t want it to go.
  5. iLife V3s: V3s pro is a model specially for families who keep pets. Its slim body design and pet hair care technology help thoroughly clean every corner in your house, saving more time for you to enjoy happy time with your family and pets. It is also the most economical of the pet hair vacuums.
    1. With pet hair care technology, is focuses on picking up hairs, dirt, and debris.
    2. Versatile edge cleaning mode focus on corner/wall side cleaning and a low profile design to clean under beds, sofa where dirt hides.
    3. Battery life is listed at 1 hour and 40 minutes but many costumers have said their V3s has lasted up to 2 hours.
  6. Samsung POWERbot R7070: The POWERbot claims to deliver 40x more powerful cleaning on all floor types when compared to a conventional round robot vacuum. The Self Clean Brush is also set to automatically detangle and remove pet hair around the brush.
    1. Onboard camera and multiple sensors create the a cleaning path for multi-room cleaning while avoiding obstacles along the way, such as furniture and pet bowls.
    2. An innovative edge rubber blade extends out to clean hard to reach areas like corners and along the edges of the wall so pet hair will not be left to behind.
    3. The wide 11.4 inch brush, which is 42% larger than convention 8 inch brushes, cleans larger areas more efficiently.
  7. iRobot Roomba 890: The patented 3-Stage Cleaning System is specially engineered to loosen, lift, and suction everything from small particles to large debris from carpets and hard floors.
    1. Dual Multi-Surface brushes pick up everything from small particles to large debris.
    2. Edge-Sweeping Brush is specially designed at a 27-degree angle to sweep debris and pet hair away from edges and corners.
    3. Bettery life runs for up to 90 minutes before automatically docking and recharging.
  8. Neato Botvac D5: This D-shaped vacuum for pethair is basically designed to seek out all that your pet sheds and stuff it into its larger-than-most robot bin.
    1. Ultra performance filter captures up to 99% of tiny dust mites and allergens as small as 10 microns.
    2. Navigates with LaserSmart technology to scan and mas your entire house with No Go Lines to avoid furniture and pet areas you don’t want to clean.
    3. Battery life runs for up to 90 minutes before auto-recharging.