Tips to Make the Most of Your Robot Vacuum



With two kids and a dog, our floors get messy extremely easily.  The tumbleweeds of dog hair collecting in the corners alone are enough to make my blood pressure spike. I won’t even start on the dirty cleats, crumbs of food, remnants of slime ingredients, or the confetti of paper that seem to explode out their backpacks each day.  Thank goodness for our robot vacuum to ease some of the burden. It truly has Simplified Our Lives.

 Of course, just because a robot vacuum will help to Simplify Your Life, that doesn’t mean we can’t offer some tips to help with this process. 

1. Let them help you! 
Most robot vacuums have timers or apps so you can schedule your vacuum to run as often as you feel your home needs.  With our near daily explosions, we perhaps have a larger need than most so we run ours daily.

  • Twice a week may be more than enough for some people, while others may need to run their vacuum every day.
  • Perhaps running the vacuum while you sleep would be more convenient than during the day depending on your schedule. Remember, the purpose of these vacuums is to help simplify your life and take at least this one task off your radar.

2. Home Base
The only recommendations manufacturers tend to give for charging stations is to place them on a flat, hard surface, against a wall with at least two feet on either side of the unit.  We personally think there are several other considerations.  For example, try to:

  • Avoid putting your charging station directly under a window with direct sunlight. This may confuse the vacuum’s sensors.  Heat from the sunlight could also damage the battery’s longevity.
  • Avoid high traffic areas. We personally have our charging station under a sofa table that sits against a wall in our living room.  Now I can stumble into the room half awake and decaffeinated without tripping on my beloved machine or have one of my kids take it out with a lacrosse stick when they are hurrying out the door to practice.   
  • Don’t be alarmed if the vacuum doesn’t find its way home. 90% of the time it will make it there but after a hard day’s work taking care of your home, sometimes its batteries just don’t make it.  Simply pick up your robot baby and take it back to bed, er, base and let it recharge again.  We’ve all been there, am I right?

3. Help Them Help You
Yes, this beautiful piece of machinery will make your life a bit simpler. However, you can help it do its job a bit easier as well.

  • Pick up the clutter. Robot vacuums are not meant to suction up large items.  Admittedly, I have seen a small Lego piece in my bin, it will not pick up Nerf darts or socks.  So help out your machine and get any large debris off the floor before running your unit.
  • Vacuums can not go over cable wires. Cable wire clips to get these off the floor or placing a small rug over them will help.  You can also create virtual walls around wires.  We’ve used both shoes (without shoe strings) or large wood blocks (such as giant Jenga pieces). 
  • These machines are able to detect magnetic strips. If you’d like your vacuum to avoid a specific area or room, you can outline these places with magnetic strips under furniture, carpet or along baseboards. I realize magnetic strips are not the most aesthetically pleasing thing to look at but hopefully you can find a way to hide them. 

4. Consider Two?
If you would have told me a year ago that we would own two robot vacuums, I would have thought you were a bit loony. We live in a ranch style house with a finished basement.  Why on earth would I either need two or couldn’t just take my original downstairs and use it there also?  Fast forward 12 months and I can tell you it has made our lives SO. MUCH. EASIER.  Here’s why:

  • Our basement is where our kids and their friends primary hang out. Therefore, its where a lot of the aforementioned slime making remnants, snack crumbs and dust and dirt from running in from the outside door end up. 
  • Our home office is located in the basement as well. Both my husband and I work full time but do quite a few office days from home.  Yes, this includes meals at the desk also. 
  • Please refer to the tumbleweeds and general disaster area described earlier from upstairs. We already run our robot vacuum upstairs almost daily. 
  • With two vacuums, we often run them simultaneously to keep our house from becoming a disaster zone. In the end, they simply make our lives easier.  Enough said.