Who is a robot vacuum ideal for?


We have a rather busy home life as a family of four and are thankful daily for our robot vacuums (yes 2 for our sanity) to help simplify our lives.  However, after reading several customer emails and talking to friends and family members, it got me to thinking about the ideal person robot vacuums could help.  Are they intended only for busy families?  NO!

You absolutely don’t have to be a working parent like myself to enjoy the brilliance of a robot vacuum cleaner.  They are also ideal if:


1. You are incredibly busy and don’t want to spend your limited free time cleaning.  My sister recently purchased one for her daughter in college because she was stressing out about never having much time outside of studying.  It was a great gift for her apartment and quiet enough that it did not disturb her schoolwork. Plus, my husband would have been all over this in his bachelor days.  Lord knows he did not want to clean after coming home from work and the gym.  


2. Have pets or kids (or roommate) who seem to make it their job to make a mess of your home. When I was in my early twenties, I adored my roommate.  We had so much in common, got along famously, and were each other’s greatest support systems while navigating early careers and first loves.  She was truly like my second sister.  Oh, did I forget to mention she WAS A COMPLETE SLOB? Literally, like pig-pen from Charlie Brown but with a vanilla scent.  It drove. Me. Crazy.  Looking back, a simple little robot vacuum would have been like a gift from heaven to run during the day while we were both at work to avoid the often uncomfortable disorganization conversation yet again. 

3. You simply don’t enjoy vacuuming and would rather someone, or ahem, something do it for you.  I mean, seriously, who does like to vacuum?  Okay, I’ll admit, sometimes there’s a satisfaction in running a vacuum cleaner and seeing the lines you’ve just made, hearing the roar, and smelling the… Who am I kidding?  This is a no brainer.

4. Have large areas that take a while to clean.  I realize this is a different definition for everyone.  For example, for my children, hearing them describe the effort it takes to clean their bedrooms sounds like they are individually cleaning the Chrysler Building. To me, it would be cleaning my entire house.  Either way, everyone has a limit.  What’s your baseline?

5. Have difficult to reach areas that robot cleaners could more easily access (i.e. under beds or couches or in our case, the tumbleweed pet hair corners). Yes, most of us have sofas and beds but it may not be an issue for everyone to clean under them. My dog tends to shed daily so it’s a bigger deal for our house than other homes.